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>* Dieter Maurer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [001128 00:12]:
>> Bowyer, Alex writes:
>>  > Can some one explain how the Define Permissions screen works. I really 
>>  > understand the concept behind it, what does it mean for a permission 
>>  > to own a permission?
>>  > 
>>  > All I need to do is to make certain ZClass methods have a certain level of
>>  > security and the other methods of the class have no security.
>> It is quite good explain in the upcoming Zope book.
>In fact, I think Alex was referring to ZClass security, which isn't
>covered in the book, and is something I've never go to the bottom of either.
>on the 'define permissions' tab, it says:
>   The table below has two columns. The first column lists the 
>   permissions for this object. The second column specifies the
>   permissions that should have this permission in this product 
>   or ZClass. 
>I'm probably being intellectually lazy or something, but that doesn't
>make any sense to me at all.
I also find this a bit unobvious. I guess it must be a mapping from
permissions --> permissions, but I can't see what it's supposed to mean
or accomplish.

Proxies I can almost cope with, ie this is a trusted method make it
behave as though it were ZopeGod I can understand.
Robin Becker

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