How about:

<dtml-var "theQuery(REQUEST=REQUEST, src__=1)">


>>>>> "Oliver" == Oliver Bleutgen <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    >> Hi listies,

    >> something strange is happening with my ZSQL methods. I have a
    >> huge query that works great when testing it in the
    >> management-interface - it returns about 10 records or so.  but
    >> when I implement it into a dtml-method getting the parameters
    >> via X-Y-GMX: $flush REQUEST as usual, I am getting the whole
    >> database in return.  I'm quite sure that it's my own fault, so
    >> I'd like to see the translated SQL-query in the dtml-method to
    >> check for the wrong fields. Is there a tag for it like:
    >> <dtml-var MyZSQLQuery showRenderedSQLsource> ?

    Oliver> You didn't tell what SQL-Database you use, but Postgres
    Oliver> and Mysql allow logging/monitoring of the queries they
    Oliver> get. So you are able to get the information straight
    Oliver> before/while it hits the backend.

    Oliver> cheers, oliver

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