>A clarification here. It refers to Digital Creations being a long term
>viable business entity.

When we made "The Zope Decision", one of the attractions of the 
Zope/DC relationship is that whilst it is obviously very nice for 
everyone if DC continues to exist, and continues with their current 
strategy, we aren't held hostage to their fortune.

Consider a possible experience with a proprietary vendor. At the 
moment you have an excellent relationship with them, the product is 
good, and their future plans are encouraging.

Then they change strategy, or get bought out - not an unlikely 
outcome in new markets where things are still playing out. Then all 
of a sudden you find:
        - the pricing has changed dramatically
        - the product has moved
        - the vendor no longer cares about you

Ouch. Have you ever had a vendor "end of life" a product on you?

With Zope, that's not going to happen. If DC change their strategy 
dramatically then:
        - if there's the demand, someone else will step into their shoes (like
          maintaining the ages old version of Zope that DC not longer support)
        - if you want to, you can do it yourselves (or pay someone else)

For my money, going with a proprietary vendor is even more risky than 
going with an Open Source product. The proprietary lock in means the 
vendor holds all the cards, and you hold none.

The cool thing about DC/Zope is you get the best of the Open Source 
and commercial worlds - its Open Source when you need it, but there's 
a nice cuddley vendor to buy support and consulting from (as well as 
a load of independent organisations :-)

Zope gives you more choices, and total control over your future. 
Proprietary, closed source solutions are just lulling you into a 
false sense of security - until its no longer in the vendor's 
interest to deal with you.

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