I would have to say that both are accurate at the time they were given.
However, neither will be a truly accurate measurement of the users of
Zope and the Zope community.

They each measure different things. One measures the people who have
"joined" Zope.org.
"""The extremely large Members folder (11139 of you!)"""
The other measures subscribers to the mailing list.
"""There are 1617 members of [EMAIL PROTECTED]"""

There are a few people who have different identities on the Zope
memberships. There will also be possible duplication on the mailing list
due to different email addresses. There are also people who neither join
Zope.org nor subscribe to the mailing list, but who have nevertheless
downloaded and use Zope.

There also are people who have been on the mailing lists, learned and
then subsequently left the lists, but still use Zope. There are also
those who no longer do.

So, who knows what an accurate figure would be? 
And I can't tell you if there are any dimpled chads. :)
But as you can see there are many more unique visitors than either of
the numbers.

Also, keep in mind that the Zope community on [EMAIL PROTECTED] is an active
and vibrant community. As Zope matures, grows into it's own and the
documentation catches up, it will get even better. The future is bright.

Jimmie Houchin

albert boulanger wrote:
> Now, I wonder wich statement is more accurate:
> >
>    >http://www.zope.org/Documentation/ZWN/ZWN-2000-09-26/index_html?pp=1
>    >
>    >
>    >Zope Web
>    >
>    >       by Ethan Fremen
>    >
>    >      Exorcising Zope.org
>    >
>    >       The extremely large Members folder (11139 of you!) and acl_users
>    >folder was causing Zope.org to load nearly 50 MB of
>    >       "Ghosts" - stateless objects - into memory.
> or
> From:
> http://www.zope.org/Documentation/ZWN/ZWN-2000-11-08
> "Zope Web
>        by Ethan Fremen
> How Many Zopatistas?
> [....]
> There are 1617 members of [EMAIL PROTECTED] and 409 members of
> zope-dev. There are 200,000 unique visits to zope.org every month (ok,
> that's a record :).

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