Hi  Ruediger,

    You might consider ZPatterns. It allows you to develop
applications with ZODB, and then, later, 'easily' switch to
other forms of attribute storage for your objects.


>>>>> "Alexander" == Alexander DePauli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Alexander> Hi Zopistas!

    Alexander> we are looking for a method to do a better integration
    Alexander> of mysql 3.23.27 with zope 2.2.2. (we are using the Z
    Alexander> MySQL database adapter Z MySQL DA 1.1.3.)

    Alexander> We have to store data in a mysql database - we can´t
    Alexander> use ZODB because we need the data accessible by other
    Alexander> programs via ODBC.

    Alexander> We habe implemented several ZClasses like "customer",
    Alexander> "product" and "orders".  We store their instances
    Alexander> (eg. each product, customer and so on) to the
    Alexander> mysql-database.

    Alexander> Our problem: we can´t use the standard ZOPE management
    Alexander> interface to manage the objects, because the methods of
    Alexander> this interface store content to the ZODB - and not to
    Alexander> the mysql-database.

    Alexander> Is there a way to extend the standard ZOPE management
    Alexander> interface with additional mysql statements?  For
    Alexander> example: we select an object in a zope folder, press
    Alexander> the ZOPE Delete-Button, then this object is deleted on
    Alexander> the mysql-database, not on the ZODB?

    Alexander> For each zclass (customer, products, orders) we need
    Alexander> these extra methods (Delete, Update, Insert ...), so
    Alexander> our thought is that we would prefer to use the ZOPE
    Alexander> management interface to do this instead of programming
    Alexander> "extra methods" which obviously can't be used within
    Alexander> the standard ZOPE management interface.

    Alexander> Hope there is somebody out there with an similarly
    Alexander> problem solved.

    Alexander> best regards

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