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> At 11/29/00 03:42 PM, ethan mindlace fremen wrote:
> >Dennis Nichols wrote:
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> >>At 11/28/00 11:34 AM, albert boulanger wrote:
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> >>>Whether to go with portal products from Plumtree or iPlanet.
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> >>If this implies that you are considering using Zope's PTK, then you 
> >>should  be aware of this: You can *not* get commercial support from 
> >>Digital  Creations for PTK because PTK is not a released product. If you 
> >>think you  may need such support before PTK gets to 1.0, then you had 
> >>best not use the  PTK. But that's no reason to not use the rest of Zope.
> >
> >
> >This needs to be clarified.   We actively do consulting with the PTK.
> >If you want to enter into a consulting contract with Digital Creations 
> >that involves the PTK, that's not a problem.
> >
> >If you decide you want to use the PTK yourself, there exists a mailing 
> >list and a product tracker. (see ) The 
> >PTK is under heavy development and is not a full release yet, so that does 
> >need to be taken into account if you wish to use it yourself.
> What Ethan says, however true it may be, is contrary to my experience. I 
> worked on developing a site based on PTK for several months and was within 
> a month of going live, but had problems I could not solve, either alone or 
> with the help of the mailing lists. I contacted DC via email, explained 
> what my problems were, and asked how to arrange for consulting time. That 
> was 11 weeks ago, on 10 Sept 2000. The very next day I received an email 
> from Gary Graham ([EMAIL PROTECTED], Director, Sales & Marketing) stating:
> "PTK is a 0.01 release and not commercially supported yet. Zope is
> commercially supported yet. is the best PTK source at
> present until we are able to release a commercially supportable
> version."

I think we need to distinguish between "support" and "consulting".
DC is primarily a *consulting* company (we build custom software for
our clients), which also sells support contracts for Zope.  Because
the PTK is not (yet) a "released product", we don't (yet) sell support
contracts for it;  we *do* use it in consulting engagements, however.

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