On Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 01:20:06PM +0000, Chris Withers wrote:
> Paul Everitt wrote:
> <snip Skinnable and localisable>
> > 
> > Brian veto'd it, declaring it too ambitious.  He's basically waiting for
> > Zope to better figure out how to keep presentation separate from the object
> > model.
> Been pretty quiet on the lists WRT HiperDOM, which I got the impression
> was going to be about this. Are there any DC initiatives into this?
> Lalo, any word from the trenches? ;-)

As I said, HiperDom is "stable", in that it can be used in
production as is (IMHO). It's not 1.0 because it lacks
documentation *and* we (I, Hiper and DC) would like to add some
features before that.

The current effort is on documentation. We have me and Martijn
Pieters working on this officially (our base is the Wiki on
dev.zope.org) and me and Michel Pelletier extra-oficially
writing a more user-oriented manual in ZopeBook style.

Any development of these "a few more features" is postponed to
after the discussion about them in the Wiki settles down.

The only thing that *can* happen before that, if I feel like it
and have a free weekend, is a version of HiperDom based on 4DOM
instead of the old xml-sig code. Version 1.0 definitely *will*
be based on 4DOM, as that is the official DOM now for both Zope
and Python, so I'd like to tackle that ASAP, but I don't think
that will be possible as soon as I'd like it.

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