I need to intercept NotFoundErrors, but am banging my head against a problem

Normally this can be done by changing the standard_error_message, but there I have 
some questions:

considering a minimal standard_error_message:
<dtml-var standard_html_header>
<dtml-var standard_html_footer>

When I provoke an error by referencing a non-existent resource the message 'Error!' 
gets displayed, 
but there is also a traceback which I cannot suppress, it always gets displayed as a 
HTML comment

and now my questions

    How can I suppress this traceback totally, my main goal
    Even on zope.org whe NotFoundError returns such a hidden traceback :(

     when I remove the standard_header and footer from my standard_error_message I 
would expect that just the word 'Error' gets displayed,
    But no way, then I get a detailed Zope Error message with a traceback.

     How can I archive that I just get the word 'Error!' or something similar as a 
result. I need that desperately because such an exception
     is unusable when calling methods via XMLRPC, there I need a simple clear error 
code and not a long traceback message.

2: what makes me most happy would be returning a single XMLRPC marshallable value by 
    <dtml-return someErrorExpression>
    I already have such a standard_error_message but it just works for user-generated 
exception, but not for the #@%&$ NotFoundError
I cannot believe that it is not possible to do error handling of NotFoundErrors but 
I've not found any information on that.

Thanks in advance


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