On Thu, Nov 30, 2000 at 02:18:57PM -0800, Andy McKay wrote:
> For most small applications DTML can suffice, but when it gets large you
> should separate your code the way its intended, DTML is for simple logic and
> presentation ONLY. Whilst PythonMethods are cool, I would naturally stray
> away from them for the above reasons for anything longer than about 5 lines.

But once you have done 5 lines of dtml, and yoo need to add sixth, 
what is more probable: 

1. Rewrite as a pyhtonmethod
2. Just add the sixth line

I have the creeping feeling, that dtml is the worst thing since csh. 

Fortunatly, even DC seems to have realized it.

> > Zope's built in FTP server is one of it's huge stengths, IMO. He hasn't
> > realised this and so bitches about it. You can always turn it off you
> > know! Likewise the HTTP server, run Zope as a CGI if you must! :P
> "Apache already exists and is highly flexible and configurable" of course it
> is, use it if you want, grrr..... TMTOWTODI.

But cgi is slow. and using mod_proxy is not beatiful and adds latency. 
Besides, the zserver on 2.1.6 seems to have bugs that sometimes let 
the page only 90% through. I've really wondered, why all the trouble 
of using a own HTTP server, Apache is a great HTTP server and most 
users run it anyway. which leads to the natural question:

        Why isn't there a mod_zope module?

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