>> and certainly means that you loose
>> the multi-versioning capability of ZODB.
> ...urm, lost me, how? wha? 

There's only one version of 'external' code, and multiple versions of your 
stuff in the ZODB. That makes one of Zope's greatest features, that you can 
modify a live site under a separate version, less usable. Python-based 
products that reside in the ZODB would solve this, but for some reason the 
folks at Digicool decided that full access TTW is dangerous (ok) and that 
no-one should have it (not ok). Hey, Zope's got enough guns to shoot myself in 
my feet, please give me this one too - I hate these crippled Python Methods. 
Rather than switching it off, I'd like to have an "no restrictions" switch 
that e.g. only flips on when you are logged in through SSL and have given some 
Very Secret Password.

> The Python IDE that comes with the Win32 version of Python 2.0 has
> one, and 'code folding' for hidign 'if branches' and the like :-)

I'll probably start experimenting with ZEO and IDLE and a way to get 
unrestricted Python code into ZODB. Smalltalk kicks ass, and Zope is only that 
far from becoming a superset of it.

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