I have a catalog aware ZClass publication object that I want to have searchable. There 
are 3 criteria I want users to be able to select in addition to a search string 

I created field indexes for the criteria in the zCatalog, and made a form where users 
can select the indexes with checkboxes to limit their search. The selected items are 
then passed to my search method - which in turn executes a <dtml-in> to produce the 
result set.

The whole thing works great, until I decided to try to add column sorting 
functionality (Like the zope downloads page).  Here is the problem, I run the query 
and the page comes up correctly on the first iteration, but when I try to sort the 
column (with a ?sort_on=index "get" request), the selected criteria are forgotten and 
the entire result set is returned sorted. 

for example, one of my search criteria is "theme" - there are four possible  (Air, 
Land, Water, and Waste). 

the request would look like:

I can't figure out how to pass a list in the get request. How do I pass more than one 
theme to the method as a list? I have discovered through trial and error that I can 
pass it the values if I repeat theme for each list item. However, I also have a 
criteria - "category" with over 32 items, and a criteria - "division" with 14 items. 
This becomes extremely clumsy with 
"category=reports&category=guidebooks&division=lwm&division=aqd" etc. repeated 32 
times. Not to mention that there is a limit of how much info I can pass in the get 
request itself.
Is there a better way to pass the lists to my method?

Thanks in advance!
-Darin Lee

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