This is the right place to ask such questions so ask whatever you like.

First off the docs are talking about Windows NT/2K as Zope won't run as a
service on W95/98.

If there is ever a problem starting Zope it will print a traceback, if you
can send that to the list we'll get this problem solved asap.

If your running start.bat from Explorer then you'll probably find the
traceback disappears too quick to see.

You'll need to run it from a command prompt.

Since the batch file is called start.bat you can't run it by typing just
'start' you have to put '.\start' instead,  as start is a 'reserved' word in

Try it from the command prompt, and if it still fails, send the traceback
and we'll get it fixed for you.


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| I have installed Zope on a 300Mhz K6 machine with 92 Megs of RAM running
| 98. It seemed to install ok except that it didn't ask if I wanted to run
as a
| service (as the documentation said it would). As a result I had to start
| with start.bat. It doesn't run. Who in the world can I talk to about this.
| love to use the product but it's not much use to me if there's no one I
| communicate with about problems - particularly problems like "It doesn't
|               Can anyone suggest a place for me to go or a way to get
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