Hi there,

finally I want to release my patch for the in-tag. I hope
it finds its way into the source-tree.
I was sick writing such ugly constructs as _[_['sequence-item']]
and so on, so I patched DT_In.py and DT_InSV.py 
(in lib/python/DocumentTemplate) to use sequence_item as well.
All hypenation variables have now a second representation with
underscores instead of hypenation. I hope, some time we can
drop these hypenation variables.

The second problem is if you put one in-tag into another.
You have to use <dtml-let> oder REQUEST.set() with variables
of the outher in-tag to be able to reference them in the inner
loop. The code becomes very ugly this way. So my idea was to
give the in-tag an optional argument, called "prefix" to 
prefix all the sequence-variables with a custom identifier.
So you can write:

<dtml-in some_sequence prefix="outer_">
   <dtml-in some_other_sequence>
     <dtml-var outer_sequence_item>:<dtml-var sequence_item>
   </dtml-in the inner sequence>
</dtml-in the outer sequence>

What do you think about this? 

Attached are the patch files (g-zipped) They are a bit
of size, but I choosed to send them as diff, as requested to
avoid flames ;) (Althought the original files would be similar 
in size) If someone wants the whole files, feel free to write
to me)




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