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Let me know if you have any troubles... it does exactly this.


>>>>> "John" == John Cappelletti <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    John> I am listing the results of a database query using
    John> dtml-in. I'd like to be able to give the user the option to
    John> re-sort the list by clicking on a column header. ok... I'm
    John> starting small with a form and radio buttons to allow the
    John> user to specify the sort.

    John> I've created what I believe to be a global variable for this
    John> page using the property screen. The variable is to capture
    John> the column name for the sort. My simple question is how do I
    John> assign a value to this variable inside of the dtml method!
    John> I'm not finding a description of variable assignment in the
    John> documentation (yeah, I must be missing the obvious).

    John> Any pointers would be appreciated.  (also, know if anyone
    John> has implemented interactive sort by column header?)

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