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Can you avoid to send MIME messages into this list?

 > ... tree for hierarchical data on CORBA server ...
 > ... from (http://www.zope.org/Members/anthony/tree-coding-tricks:
 > class _dummy:
 >    def __init__(self, name):
 >       self.name=name
 >    def child_lookup(parent):
 >       c = []
 >       for i in range(0,5):
 >          c.append(_dummy("%s.%d"%(parent, i)))
 >       return c
 > used like this:
 > <dtml-let name="0">
 > <dtml-tree id=name branches_expr="child_lookup(parent=name)">
 > <b><dtml-var name></b>
 > </dtml-tree>
 > </dtml-let>
 > ....
 > The tree can obviously only handle 
 > functions, not real CORBA
 > objects
The tree can (and does) handle objects.
The expression "branches_expr" is evaluated in the context of
the current objects.

As Python is dynamically typed, the objects can have
different types. The only restriction: "branches_expr" must
be evaluable in each context.

 > CORBA objects are identified by a so-called IOR which is some sort of a 
 > stringified object reference
 > but in a non-readable way. Can I use a non-unique 'display name' for each 
 > node in the tree and
 > some unique identfier (the IOR) internally?
Of cause, the "display names" must be locally unique (i.e. in their parent).
They need not be globally unique.

 > Sorry for so many questions, but I haven't found a lot of info about using 
 > the dtml-tree together with
 > external methods.
I saw two questions. That's not a lot.


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