Jason Leach writes...
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        >Date: Mon, 4 Dec 2000 12:36:26 -0800 (PST)
        >From: "Jason C. Leach" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
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        >Subject: [Zope] On DTML and Python Script.
        >For Christmas I'd like a way to be able to use PHP or ASP type
        >rather than DTML.
        >My python Script or Code.
        >My DTML.
        >Having to manager all those dtml <> and tags is not as good as it
        >be.  I suspect it's more of a deturant than anything else. I do
agree that
        >DMTL should be use as little as possible with Python used for
        >over 10 lines.  But why have a scripting language for both methods
        >and under 10 lines?
        >..... Jason C. Leach
        >... University College of the Cariboo.

Yekk, no !  
I use Progress WebSpeed at work. Webspeed does something
similar to what you suggest, only with Progress 4GL
embedded in the HTML between certain tags.

This is OK at first, but it often gets ugly, especially where you
are jumping in and out of 4GL just to do simple conditionals or
iterations that DTML makes not too painful with <dtml-if> and

OK, I am one of those poor fools who is trying to do too much
in DTML. But it's not too bad as long as you factor it out well
and keep any messy code in DTML methods rather than
mixed in with your HTML.

Just my opinion, though.

Peter Harris

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