You could check into the ExtFile product (search on and see if
that makes a perf difference.

That said, just about anything on that setup is going to be slow!!
Please excuse the os advocacy, but given that this is likely all you'd
dream of running on this server anyways (ie it's not like it's also going
to be your Exchange server), you might consider putting something that
will leave more spare RAM and cpu time for Zope on that box, e.g. Linux or
some other OS more suited towards the low end server hardware market.

Or buy a nicer box to run this on. If you don't have existing unix skills
in-house then throwing money at hardware might be less expensive than
investing in human resources to get a Linux box going. (Whew, being
even-handed is so much harder than being an OS bigot...;-)

Sorry that's probably not what you wanted to hear. =)

On Tue, 5 Dec 2000 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> I am testing the possibilities of delivering the content of  XML Documents
> through the Zope environment.  Unfortunately, some of the proposed file are
> rather large (up to 760KB) and just uploading them and viewing them on our
> current Zope server is prohibitively slow.  Our server, running Z2 is a
> blazing P133 running NT 4.0 with 32 MB of RAM (I get the bottom feeders).
> Is the bottleneck the hardware; is there something I can do software-wise
> to improve performance; or is development not yet advanced enough to handle
> this scenario efficiently? Any opinions on this?
> Thanks,
> P. Johnson
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