Curtis Maloney wrote:
> I was just wondering if there were some convenient way I could search all of
> my DTML[Documents|Methods] and ZSQL Methods, for comments, so I could review
> them?
> Perhaps it's time I learned how to use ZCatalog?

There was a trhead recently abotu search and replace. It'd be great if
Zope had a search and replace interface, wouldn't it? ;-)

(note: this doesn't mean that all objects would need to implement it,
but it'd be mighty helpful if DTML Methods, Documents, etc did)



PS: This has got to be related to ZCAtalog somehow, I wonder how the two
interact? I guess Catalog provides the search interface (ZSearch
Interface, nto documented anywhere, pretty ropey IMHO) and object would
have to implement a replace interface. It's be cool If there was a
repalce library call too... give it a string and some replacement text
and it does a search and replace on that in C so it's nice and fast...)

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