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 Hi to all,I'm a new Zope user/developer ... Zope has impressed me very much!Ihave a couple of questions.I want to build a new intranet site for my company using Zope, but:1. How can I import and use Python modules For example I want to use the function sleep(secs) that resides in the time module.I wrote this code: import time def hello(self):
 return "I'm Back!!"

Better if you write this function like this:
import time
def hello(self):
      return "I'm Back!!"

1. give it a name, say
2. then go back to your zope and add an External Method
3. put id=pluto
4. function name=hello
5. python module=pippo
6. save it

If you want to try it create a DTML Document for example and put in it the the following command:
<dtml-var pluto>
and then view the DTML Document,
after a while i.e. 10 secs you will see the message: I'm Back!!
  but when I call the external method bounded with the hello function an error occours!!1st. Have I to install the time module?    - if yes where can I found it and where can I install it?2nd. How do I have to call the sleep function?2. I want to build an application that use the database transection to update rows.I use SQL server that support DB transactions.where can I build SQL transactions with Zope? do I have to build a ZSQL method with multiple SQL calls? .. for example:... 
If I am not mistaken,
zope works all the time in transaction mode, then you don't need to expecify
transactions at all.

begin transaction <dtml-var sql_delimiter> update t_cliente set primaetichinterna = 'mia' <dtml-var sql_delimiter> commit....Am I sure that the transaction will work (if another user use the same method at the same time)?How can I test if a transaction has been committed or aborted?Thanks VERY MUCH in advancePaolo QuagliaSitek Spa Italy Paolo Quaglia
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