On Tue, Dec 05, 2000 at 03:51:28PM -0000, Phil Harris wrote:
> Working on the HTML-Kit plugin as we speak. ;)

I have created a Python library for HTML-Kit plugins. Very easy with
Mark Hammonds Win32 extensions. It is only the bare bones COM interface
though, no niceties such as Exceptions and such.

As soon as the download server is back online again (www.chamisplace.com)
I can figure out more easily what plugins can do on the whole and create a
higher level interface along the lines of:


from HTMLKitPlugins import Plugin, RegisterPlugin

class HelloWorld(Plugin):
    name = 'Hello_in_Python'
    iconCaption = = 'PyD'
    section = 'MyPlugins'

    def main:
        self.output('Hello, Python World!')



A HiperDom or DTML plugin is then going to be a breeze. Imagine XML-RPC
access to the Zope server so you can expand <dtml-var> references in
place. :)

Currently I use a fake Perl plugin to pass through to Python (yukk), but
if someone wants to write a standalone .EXE file that transparently
invokes a python file based on registry entries (location of Python
interpreter and a registry of Python plugin files) we can do without Perl

Next step would then be to ask Chami.com to add support for Python plugins
as well (which is not hard for them if I supply the Python library files).

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