Something like this should work:
<dtml-with acl_users>
    <dtml-call expr="manage_users(submit = 'Add')">
It will look in the REQUEST for the following fields:
    confirm (this must match password)
So either set these from an HTML form, or use <dtml-call expr="REQUEST.set('name', 'Joe')">.  For examples of the form technique, look at zope/lib/python/AccessControl/addUser.dtml
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Subject: [Zope] Adding users

Is it possible to have a form in a zope page that allows you to add a new user to the acl_users folder?  I can get the data I need, I just need to know, if I have the user name and password as dtml variables, and the user adding the other user has all the appropriate permissions, is there a way in dtml to use this information to add a user (with a defined role).
Thanks very much for this and prior help!
Mike Kelland

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