Dieter Maurer wrote:

> Oleg Broytmann writes:
>  > .... Cut/copy/paste problems in Zope behind Apache ....
>  >
>  >    To help me to resolve the problem I want to ask the helpful community
>  > provide me some information. Of those who run Zope behind Apache please
>  > tell me:
>  >
>  > 1) which way do you connect? (mod_proxy, Zope.cgi, mod_pcgi2, mod_fcgi)
>  > 2) any problem?
> We run Zope behind Apache using "ProxyPass".
> We have no problems.

I've been having problems with copy/paste/rename with my site, which is apache
proxypassing (mod_rewrite [p] actually) onto a siterooted subdir of zserver. I
haven't had time to set up a clean environment to evaluate exactly what goes
on when it fails but intend to over the next fortnight. I appear to have 2
separate issues:

1 Trying to copy objects from outside the siteroot'd hierarchy into it. The
object will appear in the wrong place [folder above] & zope will deny it
exists if I try to access it until I restart zope. Temporary solution is to
restart zope with  SUPPRESS_SITEROOT & make the changes. This breaks my
production site and so isn't ideal. My long term hack will probably to
maintain a mirrored readonly site which I switch to whilst I update the main
site so access isn't disrupted. There's so much path jiggerypokery going on
with SiteAccess/SiteRoot I don't expect a clean solution!

2. Can't do anything with my ZClasses. I've tried applying the reindex patch I
found somewhere. I think my problems might be to do with the fact that I have
catalogaware zclasses that inherit from catalogaware base classes and
something isn't quite working there.

All my problems are consistent (always happen!) & I'm running latest of
everything: Zope 2.2.4 & apache 1.3.14,



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