Ragnar Beer writes:
 > Howdy Zopistas!
 > I have a directory structure like this:
 > + myfolder
 >      index_html
 >      my_external_method
 >      dtml_method_1
 >      dtml_method_2
 >      ...
 > In index_html I want to include either dtml_method_1 or 
 > dtml_method_2, ... (one method for every week of year). 
 > my_external_method tells me which dtml_method to include.
 > This would logically be handled with "<dtml-var <dtml-var 
 > my_external_method>>" in index_html but this doesn't work.
If your external method returns the object itself
(and not its name), then you can use:

     <dtml-let method=my_external_method>
       <dtml-var method>

or, if your method needs parameters

     <dtml-let method="my_external_method(parameters...)">
       <dtml-var method>


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