Read this carefully, you may end up with a free, signed copy of the Zope

That's right, Amos and I have just gotten done adding all kinds of new
stuff to the book, and in particular we made quite a few changed from
"Python Method" to "Python Script".  This was a task more subtle than a
simple search and replace, many changes needed to be done.

Also, sometime really soon, we will be making a 2.3 alpha release.  This
will be the first release of Zope that will be "in sync" with the
book.  Lots of milestones to reach there.

So, instead of reading the book over again for the N to the Nth time
in preparation, we have decided to run a fun little contest. 

The *first* person to point out an incorrect usage of the term
"method" when it should be "script" will get a free copy of the Zope
book signed by Amos and myself.  If you are the second person to point
out the same error, sorry, you're out of luck, but *keep reading*
because you may find another!  For each unique "method" error found in the
book, someone will get a free signed copy!

And don't just stick to Chapter 8 (although that's probably the best
place to start!) because Python Scripts are used all over
the book.

To keep everything fair, you must report your findings to the community
reviewer list at [EMAIL PROTECTED]  They will be the "judges", and
will decide who does and who does and does not get a book.  

Here are some sample right and wrong sentences to give you an idea, just
because a sentence contains the word "method", doesn't make it wrong:

  "DTML Methods are smelly."  (Right)

  "By using DTML, Python, Perl or other kinds of methods, you can
  script the web." (Wrong)

  "Python Methods rock!"  (Wrong)

  "You can call *fooBar* through the web like any other kind of
  method". (Wrong, should be "object", tricky! The judgest make the call
  on these kinds of errors)

  "The Python code in your External Method must be in the Foo module."
  (Right, External Methods still exist)

Get the idea?  

The O'Reilly community reviewers (the "judges") and employees of
Digital Creations are not elligible in this contest, sorry guys, you
already get free books. ;)

So without further a-do here's the URL.  Have fun!


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