Hi I am trying to get a handle on how I should handle peristence in my
python products.  I have read all the ZODB documents and all the Product
tutorials, which all led me to believe that 1) mutable objects such as
lists and dictionaries are not persistent and that updates to these will
not be implicitly saved into the ZODB, and 2) that custom classes would
certainly not persist.  That all seemed fine, and I used persitent
mapping and __setstate__ to fill things back in where necessary.  But
then I decided to demonstrate that persitence does break as suggested.

I used boring product, added a dicitonary and a custom class that
contains it's own dictionary.... let the user update name : value pairs
for both, and print the contents through index.dtml

The problem is that everything persists fine !!!!  through restarts,

Why does it work???  shouldn't it not?

I have attached the modified boring product .... boringplus ..... it's
dead simple to follow if you have made products before.

Any explanation would be really nice.



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