Hi Hung Jung,

   Did you set a 'Host' header in your request? Is
the request going straight to ZServer, or through
Apache? (Also... do you have a SiteRoot?) These can
all affect how the request is handled by the server...

It woould be interesting to try urllib, rather than
httplib since it handles the Host header for you...


>>>>> "Hung" == Hung Jung Lu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Hung> I can view certain document on a Zope site over the web if I
    Hung> use a = brower. But for fun I tried to download it by using
    Hung> Python's httplib, = and for some Zope sites got a status
    Hung> code 302. This probably means I = need to use another URL
    Hung> address. The web browser does this automatically = so I
    Hung> don't need to do anything. But I can't seem to find the
    Hung> right URL.=20

    Hung> Reading from http://www.w3.org/Protocols/HTTP/HTRESP.html ,
    Hung> it says that = when 302 happens, the header line would be

    Hung> URI: <url> String CrLf

    Hung> But I don't see this line in the returned header. And the
    Hung> returned body = is an HTML telling me the document has been
    Hung> moved. Funny thing is that = browsers (IE, Netscape) do not
    Hung> have problems with it.

    Hung> Is this a limitation of Python's httplib (not showing the
    Hung> URI in the = response header)? Is there a way to circumvent
    Hung> it? Or does this have to = do with virtual hosting, or
    Hung> Apache stuff?

    Hung> Thanks,

    Hung> Hung Jung

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