Hi Hung,

   No! Urllib does that too!

import urllib
x = urllib.urlopen('http://user:pass@host:8080/path/to/get')
print x.read()


>>>>> "Hung" == Hung Jung Lu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Hung> From: "Steve Spicklemire" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
    >> Did you set a 'Host' header in your request? Is the request
    >> going straight to ZServer, or through Apache? (Also... do you
    >> have a SiteRoot?) These can all affect how the request is
    >> handled by the server...

    Hung> Ahh... that's it. Thank you very much!! Virtual hosting was
    Hung> the problem.  After supplying the 'Host' header, everything
    Hung> was fine.

    Hung> The httplib offers more control, I think. It allows me to
    Hung> supply the 'Authorization' header. The urllib probably does
    Hung> not do that, right?

    Hung> That being said, I am still not 100% familiar with all the
    Hung> HTTP headers (for both request and response), it's like I
    Hung> learn one at a time. :) Do you know any pointer where I can
    Hung> get info on all the headers?

    Hung> regards,

    Hung> Hung Jung

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