> Apropos http://www.zope.org/Documentation/How-To/ThreadSafety
> Am I missing something here? 
> There seem to be a number of places in the current 2.2.4 source where
> the python regex module is used - not ts_regex, thus apparently
> violating your advice on thread safety? 
> For example, I was just spelunking through
> /lib/python/AccessControl/User.py, App/Product.py so I started greping a
> few subdirectories.
> DateTime.py uses ts_regex as does OFS/ObjectManager.py but NOT
> OFS/SimpleItem.py ...
> Is there some reason why it's ok for some modules to use regex rather
> than ts_regex ???

It is safe to use it in certain cases where the thread 
safety problems of the regex internals are not an issue. 

I think Jim and some others who have used regex purposefully 
have added a #TS comment to indicate that they have thought 
through the threading issues before using it.

This will be moot in the future - one of the things 
we'll _have_ to do to move to Python2.0 is become 
SRE compliant.

Hope this helps!

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