> Does it even *work*? Even a little bit? Because other than repeating the
> same process 12 damn times, so far I'm not convinced. Maybe I'll look in
> the
> source code to see if there's actually anything in the files (other than a
> HOWTO.txt, which is empty, which BTW is more annoying than there not being
> one).

> The "LoginManager with SQL database" on the Zope site seems to end up with
> me having a folder I can't access through the management interface (unless
> you count "management" as "this is the index_html" document) Wow, thanks!
> Now I have to delete it and start all over again...

> In all seriousness - there *must* be one person who has gotten an
> SQL-backed
> LoginManger working with 2.2.4 - surely?

Well, not 2.2.4 but 2.2.3, and I had some bugs when
trying it on a copy of a production server. I couldn't
get the "old" installation to work in a different directory,
although I thought I changed every path in start etc..
I also deleted all pyc files and reran wo_pcgi.py.
One symtom was that loginmanager didn't acquire users from
a level above. Later on it wouldn't want to to the sql-query,
nothing showed up in I postgres' debugging output.

Btw. can anybody tell me if and how it's possible to relocate
an installed Zope?

Back to your question, loginmanager now works fine for me now,
and it did so flawlessly on a fresh installed zope.

Did you eventually try to use the loginmanager-with-SQL-howto
in the toplevel folder? 
IIRC, this will lock you out permanently.
Did you reuse a user name (just a guess
that this might cause problems)?

Try to find out whether and which sql-queries are issued by
LoginManager, I guess other dbs than postgres will also allow
to find that out.
Oh, and if you try LM in a subfolder, have a look at the
undo tab if things go wrong ;-), you might at first use some
fake methods at first which always return 1, manager etc.
and change them step by step (and say goodbye to security).


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