>> Just a thought.  About a month ago this would have sounded far 
>> fetched, but now that Guido is in the house, when might we expect 
>> the Zope Python version to change from 1.5.2 to 2.x?  Imho for 
>> the book the Python version for Zope should at least be 2.xa1> 
>>  It seems to me that by the time the book is finalized your team 
>> could deliver a basic core Zope 2.x Python 2.x release.  My 
>> understanding is that its not that big of an issue.  I'm sure it 
>> would just make the marketing team giddy.

>It's probably a little more an issue than you think. Zope is a 

 I would like to get a clarifaction on this.  It seems best to provide support for 
Python 2.x and provide a patch for 1.5.2 if need be.

>pretty large codebase and if nothing else, introducing unicode 

Seem to me a 2.3 designation gives you some leeway to provide 2 versions
release perhaps 2 versions of Zope 2.3. One that incorporates work
already done by members in the community.
See links below for Python 2.x support and Zope 2.2.4.


Don't be like a certain company that stopped dos at 6.0.
Or did they?  The point is probably at some point in the future
Zope will become the Windows of Python.  Leaving us with
 Windows3000, Linux3000, and Python3000(W/Zope interface:-)
Go Guido, Go Guido, it's your birthday!  Long live the command line interface!

>can affect a great many things. Its the sort of thing that needs 
>to be done with a lot of thinking up front. Some work is being 
>done on that, (esp. by Toby Dickenson) but 2.3 won't be the 
>release where Python 2.0 is officially supported / required.
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