You may also want to take a look at HiperDOM as a templating mechanism as
well.  I haven't used it, but in looking at the Wiki and the examples, it
looks like it would do what you are looking for, and from all accounts I
have read, this will be the "official" Zope replacement for DTML for
presentation logic in the future (relegating DTML for logic use, along with
Perl and Python methods), and has a lot of cool features that allow you to
create a template with mockup data that actually renders your presentation,
replacing the mockup.

I'm working on a content-management project in which I am just starting to
do real user interface work, and I am likely going to try switching over
most of the presentation from DTML to HiperDOM.  Anyway, creating valid
XHTML documents for templates is an exciting idea, especially in the sense
that this decreases the learning curve for a designer needing to work on
presentation, but not logic - that is a definite need in my organization.


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i see !!!
i have just found a package ZopeFish that has ZFSuite.
ZFSuite has an object (ZF document template) that 
defines a layout and structure for the entire site.

More info at

i installed it (it is a bunch of libs) but i haven't tested it !

if i get it work i will tell you 


On Thu, 14 Dec 2000, Max M wrote:

> From: Oleg Broytmann
> >> But that way if i want to change the structure, i have to change on
> >> page.
> >   No, you only need to change 2 places: standard_html_header and
> >standard_html_footer :) All Documents that use these header/footer will
> >rendered using new structure.
> I think you misunderstand him. He is actually right.
> Some things are pretty hard to do in zope, because of the header/footer
> principle.
> Making a global look to a site can be pretty difficult if it doesn't fit
> nicely into a header/footer structure, with a main area being the pages'
> unique content.
> If I where to do it in regular Python I would use special classes for
> special layouts. That is hard to do in Zope.
> Regards maxm
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