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>> from ZSQL Methods User's Guide, last row on pag. 22:
>> "Note that no more than one SQL select statement may be used in a single
>> SQL Database Method."
>Diny, why do you need to execute multiple selects in one SQL-Method?
Belief me, you don't want to know ;)

I'm building a database application for the drugstore department.
Veterinarians can find medicines by searching on animal, ingredients,
diseases etc. When they've found one medicine all the detailed information
about this particular medicine is being displayed. At this point i thought
i could use the multiple selects.
The medicine has a 1 to many relationship with animals, ingredients,
diseases etc. all stored in different tables. When i use one single select
statement with several where conditions, and one relationship isn't filled,
the query returns nothing at all.

>Maybe there is another way of doing it?
I'll split up one complex ZSQL method into several simple methods.



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