I've got about 3/4 of my application built in Zope (entirely in dtml I'm afraid to say) but I'm reaching a point where it's difficult to continue with only DTML (things like complicated database structures and validation of input fields) and since I don't quite know python yet (currently teaching myself) and I'm adept at Perl, I'd like to incorporate Perl Scripts into my app.  I got the pyperl-1.0.beta.tar.gz and zoperl-1.0.beta.tar.gz modules from ActiveState but I really have no idea if they're Win32 compatible (or only on Linux/Unix etc) and if they are, how to install them.  I'm reluctant now to switch to a standalone Perl solution now that I've invested so much time into the Zope one. 
Thanks for your help!
Mike Kelland
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    1) Are you planning on doing Perl scripting for Zope?
    2) You can install stand-alone perl environment by using ActiveState? www.activestate.com

I'm running Zope on a Windoze 2k machine (no, I'm not happy about the situation ;P ) and I'm a Perl programmer by training.  Has Perl Scripting support been ported to Win yet and if so could someone possibly run me through the procedure of installing it (I'm a bit of a newb to installing ports in Win32)?
Thanks very much!
Mike Kelland

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