On Fri, Dec 15, 2000 at 12:47:26PM +0100, Max M?ller Rasmussen wrote:
> I have just upgraded to DreamWeaver 4.0. Lo and behold, it has webDav
> support.
> I can open the site in DreamWeaver and it looks just great. It would be a
> really, I mean REALLY, nice management interface for Zope.
> Two problems though:
>     1) I cannot open my dtml methods in Dreamweaver as they have no
> extensions. Appart from giving them extensions has anybody had succes with
> this in Dreamweaver? I can solve it by dragging them onto an empty page, but
> that ain't to neat. It also only gives the code view.

No, Dreamweaver cannot do without file extensions. WebDAV does carry the
content-type, but Dreamweaver (like all windows WebDAV clients) ignores

>     2) The files that DreamWeaver gets over is rendered html files. So it is
> not actually dtml, but the html resulting from the dtml method. Anybody has
> a clue to why this is?

WebDAV retrieves files using a normal HTTP GET. So you get the rendered
version everyone sees. WebDAV does know a 'source link' property, which in
Zope correctly points to the unrendered DTML source, but I have yet to see
a client that actually makes use of this.

Zope 2.3a1 let's you start an extra server on a different port that only
serves source, especially for WebDAV clients.

I'd say, file feature requests with Macromedia :)

Note that the Macromedia WebDAV implementation has some serious bugs, see
elsewhere on this list. The good news is that I just received word from
Macromedia that they are testing an update to Dreamweaver that fixes these
issues. It should be available on Macromedia Exchange soon.

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