On Fri, Dec 15, 2000 at 12:31:49PM -0500, Brian Lloyd wrote:
> FYI - I spent a good part of yesterday fixing a lot of
> DAV support issues in Zope.

Yes, I have been updating my server and testing out the clients.

> > Dreamweaver 4 WebDAV has the following issues (confirmed with their
> > Technical Support):
> >
> > - Dreamweaver searches for a WWW-Authenticate header case-sensitively (not
> >   compliant with HTTP RFC), and therefor misses the one sent by Zope. It
> >   therefor cannot do any operation for which authentication is required.
> There is a fix in CVS so that we generate a header that
> they can handle (and that is by-the-numbers of the spec
> spelling)

Hmm, I am not sure that playing along with client bugs is such a good idea

I have gotten confirmation from Macromedia about the bugs, and they are
testing a hotfix as we speak. They'll distribute it through
exchange.macromedia.com. A pity that all their servers except
www.macromedia.com are unreachable for me just now.

> > - Dreamweaver sends a malformed host header; it sends the IP number, not
> >   the DNS name (again, in conflict with the RFC). Also, when using a
> >   non-standard port (ie other than 80), it will send a non-sensical port
> >   number in the header (My 'www' server, port 50080 becomes 'Host:
> >').
> Hm - GoLive has problems with the Host header too. They dont
> send the port at all :)

Ah, that explains the fix you checked in :)

Is this the beta version that Todd and I are running? It may be that the
release version has been fixed. Todd is looking into buying copies.

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