This set works for me:


WHEN OBJECT ADDED CALL sqlInsertProduct(,, rate=self.rate, last_payment=self.last_payment, 

WHEN OBJECT CHANGED STORE email, rate, last_payment, primary, services 
USING sqlUpdateProduct(,, rate=self.rate, 
last_payment=self.last_payment, primary=self.primary,


WITH QUERY lookup_product( COMPUTE 


Where each of the queries does the 'right' thing. You generally don't
want to attribute that you are using for the 'id' to be present in any
propertysheet since that property will come from the ZClass and fool
the 'Virtual' instance machinery. Note that if you don't specify "STORE"
on the WHEN OBJECT CHANGED line then you'll have trouble with the
Rack not being able to find attribute storage for the changed

Good Luck!

>>>>> "AP" == Aaron Payne <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    AP> Hi all,

    AP> I'm trying to use Gadfly as storage for a Zpatterns rack.
    AP> With the following skinscript trigger I can view records in
    AP> the database.  But I can't insert a new one.

    AP> WHEN OBJECT ADDED CALL sqlInsertProduct()

    AP> WITH QUERY lookup_product( COMPUTE
    AP> client_name,email,rate,last_payment,primary,services

    AP> Where:

    AP> sqlInsertProduct is a zsql method.  args: client_name email
    AP> rate last_payment primary services Query template: INSERT INTO
    AP> clienttracker_table (client_name, email, rate, last_payment,
    AP> primary, services) VALUES ( '<dtml-var client_name>',
    AP> '<dtml-var email>', '<dtml-var rate>', '<dtml-var
    AP> last_payment>', '<dtml-var primary>', '<dtml-var services>' )

    AP> lookup_product is a zsql method.  args: client_name Query
    AP> template: select * from clienttracker_table where
    AP> <dtml-sqltest client_name type=string>

    AP> client_name,email,rate,last_payment,primary,services are
    AP> fields of the table clienttracker_table and properties of the
    AP> dataskin.

    AP> If I remove "" from the trigger I am able to add a
    AP> record to the db through the trigger.  Without "" in
    AP> the trigger I am unable to view the records in the db.

    AP> I noticed in a post today that said

    AP> ... you should probably choose some attribute other than 'id'
    AP> as the attribute to check for your DataSkin. The 'id'
    AP> attribute is always there...

    AP> Objects are loaded by accessing attribute client_name and I
    AP> still get the "object already exists" error.

    AP> Questions: -Should I just create the record directly with the
    AP> zsql method?  That would defeat the purpose of using
    AP> ZPatterns.  -How do I eliminate the "already exists" error

    AP> Zope version: Zope 2.2.1 Python version: 1.5.2 System
    AP> Platform: freebsd4

    AP> -Aaron

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