seems like my problem was not very interesting...
Anyway, I found a solution and hereby make it public.
To get apache to log usernames, one has to invoke
the apache's authentification machinery. I found
out that one can plug perl-modules into apache for
doing auth and that there's even a module which
does exactly what one needs here, Apache::AuthAny,
which always succeeds.

 package Apache::AuthAny;
 # file: Apache/AuthAny.pm

 use strict;
 use Apache::Constants qw(:common);

 sub handler {
     my $r = shift;
     my($res, $sent_pw) = $r->get_basic_auth_pw;
     return $res if $res != OK; 

     my $user = $r->connection->user;
     unless($user and $sent_pw) {
         $r->log_reason("Both a username and password must be provided", $r->filename);
         return AUTH_REQUIRED;

     return OK;     


The corresponding entry in http.conf is

 <Directory Proxy:*>
   PerlAuthenHandler Apache::AuthAny
   AuthType Basic
   AuthName "Auth_Realm"
   require valid-user

One just has to make sure that the realm is the same as
in zope and everything goes fine.

So on to the next, has anybody an idea what would be a good/easy way 
to link zope authentication to apache's? 
It might be interesting to use mod_python i.e. for extending 
zope's authentication to files/directories served by apache
(one could have done the same as above with mod_python, it's just
that I didn't want to install that for a five-liner).


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