The following is the illegal operation msg details:-
PYTHON executed an invalid instruction in

module <unknown> at 0000:01560f54.


EAX=00b3ceb1 CS=016f EIP=01560f54 EFLGS=00010286

EBX=00000001 SS=0177 ESP=01dbf5dc EBP=01560f50

ECX=1e10f91f DS=0177 ESI=ffffffff FS=57df

EDX=00000000 ES=0177 EDI=011c2a50 GS=0000

Bytes at CS:EIP:

f0 a2 1c 01 50 14 35 01 44 20 20 20 02 00 00 00

Stack dump:

00763130 1e16f958 00763130 00000000 00763130 1e10f831 01713570 00763130 00000000 01713570 00b4497c 1e10e74c 01713570 00763130 00000000 00b0d970

and this is my ZSQL method:-

1.For search function:-

select *
from customer
<dtml-sqltest custid type=string>
<dtml-sqltest custname type=string>

2.For create table customer:-

(custid VARCHAR(10)NOT NULL,
custname VARCHAR(15),
custregno VARCHAR(10),
custactdate DATE,
custadd1 VARCHAR(30),
custadd2 VARCHAR(30),
custcity VARCHAR(20),
custstate VARCHAR(15),
custcountry VARCHAR(30),
custpostcode INTEGER,
custtel INTEGER,
custfax INTEGER,
custemail VARCHAR(30),
custurl VARCHAR(30),
custremarks VARCHAR(30),
shippingadd1 VARCHAR(30),
shippingadd2 VARCHAR(30),
shippingcity VARCHAR(20),
shippingstate VARCHAR(15),
shippingcountry VARCHAR(30),
shippingpostcode INTEGER,
shippingtel INTEGER,
shippingfax INTEGER,
shippingemail VARCHAR(30),
custstatus VARCHAR(10),
custcontname VARCHAR(15),
custcontdesg VARCHAR(20),
custconttel INTEGER,
custcontext INTEGER,
custconteml VARCHAR(30),
custcontmob INTEGER,
custcontfax INTEGER,
custcredlimit FLOAT,
custcredterm INTEGER,
custinterest FLOAT,
custopbal FLOAT,
custbaldue FLOAT,
custsales VARCHAR(15),
custpricelev INTEGER,

3.For view all records:-

select *
from customer order by custname

So far, i tried to install python1.6 and 1.5.2 but there no changes at all. and i also reinstall my ZOPE because you said my ZOPE is died. Please tell me what should i do?Because i have spend a long time in this problem.

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