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> Hi there !
> I'm trying to use ptk to build a portal in zope !
> Does anyone knows how to add a design scheme ?
> initialy it shows onle the generic Portal interface. I wonder
> if it is possible to build my own design scheme and how to add one!

First, the ZopePTK mailinglist ([EMAIL PROTECTED], see the list
info page at is
the best place for PTK-specific questions.

With regard to your question, you have several options:

 * Edit/replace the DTML which is copied into your portal instance
   at creation time.  This option is the simplest one, but makes
   accomodating changes to the underlying PTK software (i.e., when
   we release a new version) somewhat difficult.  It also does not
   allow you to replace DTML methods which are defined in the
   DemoPortal.Portal ZClass itself (rather than being copied in).

   If you follow this path, and end up replacing most or all of the
   DTML (and style sheets, Wizards, etc.), consider copying these
   files out to a separate folder, exporting it, and uploading it
   as a new, alternate "interface" (I'll gladly fold in new, complete

 * Create a new ZClass in your own product, deriving from the
   DemoPortal.Product class.  Override only the methods you need
   to;  the others will be inherited.  Create any additional methods
   you need to give the portal your chosen look-and-feel.

 * Create a new Portal-derivative in your own filesystem product.
   This option requires a fair amount of tedious work (DTML on the
   filesystem requires somewhat more effort to create/tweak than
   DTML in the ZODB).

We understand the difficulties these options present, and are
actively working on a more satisfactory solution.

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