Hi Dirksen,

For your 'otherwise' case, could you have a single instance
that serves as an 'unknown' object:

WITH Deliverables.getItem(self.id) COMPUTE 
originalObject=RESULT or NOT_FOUND 
OTHERWISE originalObject=Deliverables.getItem('Unknown')

where it is known that the Deliverables Specialist has an 
instance with id='Unknown'. The problem with OTHERWISE is 
that it only works within the context of a single WITH/COMPUTE,
and if you don't get 'originalObject' then your WITH/COMPUTE
will never fire.


>>>>> "Dirksen" == Dirksen  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Dirksen> Hi Steve,

    Dirksen> The first thing is, my ZPatterns' version was
    Dirksen> 0.4.3.b1. So I quickly downloaded b2, which passed my
    Dirksen> nameorassignlist, but still didn't fixed the fail-through
    Dirksen> problem.

    Dirksen> The 2nd thing is, your script turned out just fine in my
    Dirksen> case when calling existent deliverable objects. It just
    Dirksen> didn't fail-through, not even the 'otherwise' clause is
    Dirksen> applied. This is weird!

    Dirksen> cheers Dirksen

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