I am at loss on the following problem:

I have an index_html DTML-document that is only a skeleton to let me design
my site around it, based on a common structure. In index_html I call various
of dtml-documents and dtml-methods, like "main_pane" and "main_msg_box",

The idea I had (and that actually worked for some time) is that I need not
implement an index_html file in every sub-folder in my zope installation,
but that it would get inherited (aquired???) by all subfolders and that I
only needed to make a "main_pane" method, and a "main_msg_box" document.

However this is not working, anymore I might add. I cannot say what I have
done wrong. The only thing I've done is to add and remove SiteRoots with
SiteAccess2 (which btw i cannot make work, and has caused my zope to die
abruptly, w/o leaving trace in the logs). I don't know if this is related,
but i thought i'd mention it anyway.

Can anybody hint me in any direction? Please?

Here is my setup:

  Zope version: Zope 2.2.4 (source release, python 1.5.2, linux2)
  Python version: 1.5.2 (#4, Aug 16 1999, 15:42:53) [GCC 2.95 19990728
  System Platform: sunos5
  Process ID: XXXXX
  Running for: 22 min 27 sec

Zope is running behind apache (apache + zserver).
Zope from src, compiled with /usr/bin/python wo_pcgi.py (is this correct,

  ExternalMethod (Installed product ExternalMethod (External Method-1-0-0))
  Hotfix_2000-12-08 (Installed product Hotfix_2000-12-08)
  Hotfix_2000-12-15a (Installed product Hotfix_2000-12-15a)
  Hotfix_2000-12-18 (Installed product Hotfix_2000-12-18)
  LoginManager (Installed product LoginManager (LoginManager-0-8-8b1))
  MIMETools (Installed product MIMETools)
  MailHost (Installed product MailHost (MailHost-1-2-0))
  NewsFolder (Installed product NewsFolder)
  OFSP (Installed product OFSP (OFSP-1-0-0))
  PlugIns (Installed product PlugIns (PlugIns-0-4-3b1))
  SiteAccess (Installed product SiteAccess (SiteAccess-2-0-0))
  ZCatalog (Installed product ZCatalog (ZCatalog-2-2-0))
  ZGadflyDA (Installed product ZGadflyDA)
  ZOracleDA (Installed product ZOracleDA)
  ZPatterns (Installed product ZPatterns (ZPatterns-0-4-3b2))
  ZSQLMethods (Installed product ZSQLMethods)
  ZopeTutorial (Installed product ZopeTutorial (Zope Tutorial 1.0))

As I said, any help is appreciated.

Thank you


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