I am using Python Methods a lot now.

no more <dtml-with> to get to the objects I need. Yay!
no more worrying about closing blocks. Yay!

OK, when I make a syntax error, there is no help in the traceback.  My
Python is getting better and better as a result.

To give something back, I have a hint that took me a while to figure

print '<td width="33%">%s</td>' % (self.thevariable)
will not work.  The first % needs to be escaped like so:

print '<td width="33%%">%s</td>' % (self.thevariable)

Now, can I use html_quote in a Python Method?  I am letting people enter
data for redisplay, and I know some Bozo (TM) will somehow put in 
and break the page.

Can I keep this from happening?  html_quote does not seem to be in the
Python Method namespace.


-- Jim Washington

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