Im not sure what you mean by "hide it from the user", it all depends upon
the rights you give your user.

If I create a lines property on my root folder called selection_list, I can
then in folder /test/ make a property test_selection, type selection, value
selection_list. The problem you
  Andy McKay, Developer.

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Subject: [Zope] Selection and Lines Properties for DTML Docs

> I'm new to Zope and am interested in the use of document properties
> for separating content and design in documents (i.e., using <dtml-var
> prop_name> in the "edit" tab to insert properties defined on
> the "properties" tab>.
> I've had success with simple text properties and would like to be
> able to present the user with selection properties (choice 1, choice
> 2, ...). That works well when I first define a "lines" property, then
> a "selection" property. But, what I'd really like to do is hide the
> lines property from the user. I've tried putting a lines property in
> another document, then setting the selection value
> to 'source_doc.lines_prop'. That yields an error "No select variable
> source_doc.lines_prop."
> Any ideas on the right way to do this? Please feel free to point me
> to good documentation!
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