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Subject: [Zope] Zope Projects in NL/Europe?

> Just wondering: are there any Zope projects are available in the
> Netherlands/Benelux/Europe?

What do you mean by 'available'?

> We did one last year but they seem hard to
> find.

What do you mean by 'hard to find' ? Where did you look?
I'ts a matter of analyzing your clients needs/wishes etc. and matching the
outcome of this process with the right tools, platform etc.
When in comes down to interactive, database driven web applications in
combination with decentralized content management we think Zope is the best
platform around
(btw it's our firm believe that these kind of websites will be very much in
demand, so there is money to be made). It's a matter of convincing the
client. Basically your client has to find Zope with your aid.

> Are there commercial projects available or is Zope mostly used on
> internal projects?

I guess you mean projects developed inhouse versus outhouse. It's my
impression that most Zope projects are at this moment developed inhouse
(BeNeLux). That doesn't mean that there isn't room for commercial
enterprises. It has more to do with 'playing safe', and lack of creativity
from the commercial perspective.

> Is there any demand for Zope expertise around here?

You have to create the demand (based on ... see above).

> Reason I'm asking is that I'd love to continue working with Zope, but
> it's hard to justify in a company focused on Microsoft and Oracle,
> especially if there is no money to be made.

I think there is (lots of) money to make, but if your company has no
strategy for Zope (only a, short sighted, strategy based, only on the major
brand names) you are going nowhere with your Zope expertise within your
company. Btw, if you have Zope knowledge you know that  Zope has no problems
with Microsoft and Oracle.

>I can learn Perl on company
> time and Linux is our internet server OS of choice, but JSP/Java and
> .NET (the latter is not that bad, uses SOAP/XML-RPC) is next if we don't
> find a use for our Zope expertise.

(Repeat myself) What did you do to find it? Btw Zope can be integrated with
JSP/Java, SOAP/XML-RPC and Perl.

My background,
I''m co-president/owner of a Dutch based ICT consultancy firm (founded in
1987). Our strategy is now focussed on Zope webapplications based on our
'crystal ball' (content management is the keyword) and input from our
Besides that I'm one of the keymembers of a small team that developes
webapplications, with Zope, for the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Leiden
University. Part of this system is an advanced webbased learning system.

> Thnx
> Jonathan


Henny van der Linde

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