This is something I've been longing for a long time.  Wvare is cool, and
it should also be able to access properties of many Windows (OLE)
documents, not just Word documents.

I've been thinking about extending the File class so that it becomes
aware of the different file types and allows access to (read/write) meta
data and indexing of the files' content.  If we can setup a nice
framework for it, I'm sure a lot of people could contribute code for
specific file formats.


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if you're on linux check out WVWare:

it's a C library that handles all word doc formats since 6.0 or so


On Tue, 02 Jan 2001, Bowyer, Alex wrote:
> Our company has a repository of staff CVs (Resumes) as Word Documents
and I
> am about to embark on creating a new feature for our Zope Intranet to
> project managers to search those documents for keywords such as
> skills or projects.
> I am thinking about several possibilities such as a skills/CVs
> linked in via ODBC, or some task that converts the Word documents to
> files which can then be searched by Zope (I think Zope can do this,
and I
> assume it can't search Word format directly?).
> Has anyone ever approached a similar problem, does anyone have any
tips on
> how to index/search a load of documents in Zope?
> Any tips/suggestions/comments would be most welcome.
> Thanks,
> Alex

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