>It sounds like your SiteRoot object doesn't have "Base" (aka the
>Base URL) set correctly.
>It should be set to:
>The SiteAccess Rule is only needed if you have *multiple* hosts
>served out from one host.  You sound like you only have one.
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Thanks for the answer, but the base is set correctly to 
http://www.somesite.com and the path to / so I'm really a bit lost here. 
One possibility I considered is setting the <base 
href="http://www.somesite.com"> tag in the header of my pages, but in that 
case I don't need the SiteRoot anymore...

By the way, I probably want to serve multiple hosts from one later on, so 
it would be nice to have an example of a SiteAccess rule.

Thanks and regards, Leonardo Graf

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