--- Somebody wrote:
> > Of course, the best solution would be for the 'magic' lookup to be
> > optional...

Alright, I've not a zope master, but isn't this already provided
generically with:

        <dtml-with SESSION only>

All these arguments leave me a little confused: As a newbie, I read the
zope book, and it tells me all these wonderful things about feeding
alligators with ostriches, and the like, and I assume this is meant to
be universal, and just assume that all names are supposed to behave in
this manner. But Chris seems to be saying that *because you've had
flack about this model* maybe a new feature shouldn't use it. Forgive
me if I'm paraphrasing you incorrectly. So the question I have is
this--if there's a basic problem with zope's acquisition semantics (as
some posts on this list would indicate at least some people believe),
then is the right fix for new features to avoid acquisition, or would
it be better to figure out what is good and what is bad and bite the
bullet and get rid of the bad?

Chris keeps saying that it would be hard to explain the semantics. But
if zope is worth learning, shouldn't these semantics be explainable
totally generically? Why should they have to be separately documented
just for session variables? What is really special about session
variables (other than that they can be written to)?

As an aside, how did zope even get this far without session variables?
I'm very confused...

And finally, *even* if the session variables are kept in a private
space, I'd at least like some way to make them public using some
generic pre-processing. But I don't see how to do that, because if I
stick a dtml-with, for instance, into generic header code (included,
for example, by standard-html-header, then this with statement is
required to be *closed* when I edit it). That is, I think the
<dtml-with> has to be paired, in the header, with a </dtml-with>. What
Zen am I missing here? How do you guys do this sort of thing?

No doubt most of the above is due to newbie confusion, not due to
design issues in zope...


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