I think hade a similar problem. It seems that you can only use methods for
acquisition, not documents.

I had an index_html DOC where I specified the structure of my site. In
index_html I used <dtml-var some_doc> that and in some_doc I once <dtml-var

The idea was that in my subfolers I only needed to have the objects some_doc
and other_doc, and that I would use the structure from the index_html higher
up. This way I could provide "modules" to managers of subfolders, so they
need not to concern themselvs with the proper way of setting up their

It didn't work unitl I changed index_html and all other objects from
dtml-docs to dtml-methods. Otherwise I would always end up with the parent
(in my case the root level) documents. I wanted to have DTML-documents in
the firts place, because I noticed that in dtml-methods the <dtml-var
title_or_id> call has no effect; it does not use the methods title_or_id, it
uses the toplevel (or the calling documents) title_or_id.

Is this a similar situation to yours?


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>    There are many Documents on my site, not only index_html. Should I make
> them all Methods? Why after this I need Documents at all?
> Oleg.

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