Hi Lee,

   Two points: 1) DTML works fine in ZSQL methods and 2) Due to (1)
you can use <dtml-var xxx> and pull in anything from Zope that you
like (but be careful... since someone might be able to pull in
something you weren't thinking of when you set up the method:

e.g., if you have a method called foo, with the line:

<dtml-var xxx>

someone might try:


and your valuable data would be gone! Make sure that
only folks with the correct privs, or methods with the
correct proxy can call your method.


>>>>> "Lee" == Lee  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Lee> On first impressions this may look like a homework assignment
    Lee> question but I can assure you it isn't! I'm having difficulty
    Lee> trying to explain this (hence the strange subject line ;-)
    Lee> but I hope someone can offer me some advice...

    Lee> I have four attributes (A, B, C, D) and each is an integer
    Lee> say, between 0 and 9.

    Lee> I need a method to create a table with the following columns:

    Lee> Name Age [if A=3] then A1, A2, A3 [if B=1] then B1

    Lee> i.e. if A=3 and B=1 and C & D =0 then 6 columns will be
    Lee> created.

    Lee> I already have the code (well, the logic) to do this but what
    Lee> is the best way to do it. ZSQL methods can't handle such
    Lee> logic, right?  I was thinking maybe passing the parameters
    Lee> into a python method to build a "CREATE TABLE..."
    Lee> string... but can this be used to actually execute the query?

    Lee> I don't know if I have explained this well enough.

    Lee> Here's the logic (no particular language and A,B,C,D =
    Lee> P,T,A,B)

    Lee> int p = PRACTICALS; int t = TUTORIALS; int a = ASSIGNMENTS;
    Lee> int b = BONUS;

    Lee> string classAndCode = CLASSCODE;

    Lee> String createDB = "CREATE TABLE " + classAndCode + " ( "

    Lee> while (p != 0) { String createDB = create DB + "p" + p +
    Lee> "integer, " // e.g. p0, p1, p2, etc.  p = p-1; }

    Lee> while (t != 0) { String createDB = create DB + "t" + t +
    Lee> "varchar, " t = t-1; }

    Lee> ... etc

    Lee> Okay, say I have a python method, which returns an String (an
    Lee> SQL CREATE TABLE statement). How could I execute this?

    Lee> Thanks very much in advance.

    Lee> Lee

    Lee> PS: Alex, I managed to get the COUNT var to work. The
    Lee> solution was simply a good night's sleep and a large mug of
    Lee> coffee in the morning.  Cheers :)

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