Hi Zopistas,

Happy New Year!

I'm working with SiteSummary and would like htmlPreview to grab the URL and open it up 
in a new window.  It's not working correct.  I'm unsure how Zope handle javascript 
either.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Below is my htmlPreview.  I also tried to 
put the javascript function (I'm new to js as well) in a file and import it to the 
same directory as standard_html_header.  Then I add <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" 
SRC="openMe.js"></SCRIPT> to stand_html_header.  That doesn't work either. By the way, 
js doesn't seen to work well in Zope.  I could n't find much info on-line.  

Thanks in advance.

<script language="javascript">
function openMe(URL){
<dtml-var "getOwnerDocument()">
<dtml-if channelButton>
<dtml-call "cloneChannelButton()">
<table bgcolor="#0066CC" cellspacing=0 cellpadding=2 border=0><TR><TD ALIGN="CENTER">
<B><A href="<dtml-var site_url>"><font color="#ffffff"><dtml-var site_title 
html_quote><font color></A></B>
<TR><TD width=146><TABLE width=146 BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF" border=0 cellpadding=4 
cellspacing=0><TR><TD BGCOLOR="#FFFFFF">

<dtml-if expr="_['meta_index']==''">
<dtml-in entries>
<P><A href="javascript:openMe('<dtml-var url html_quote>')"><dtml-var linktext 
<dtml-var summary html_quote></P>
<dtml-in entries>
<P><A href="javascript:openMe('<dtml-var absolute_url>')"><dtml-var title_or_id 
<dtml-if summary>
<dtml-var summary html_quote>

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